Who we are...

Myanmar Automobile Development Public Company (MADP) was founded on the 30th of September, 2014 by a group of entrepreneur shareholders with a capital investment of 20 billion kyats. Over 120 companies in Automobile industry are members of MADP. MADP recognizes the responsibility to give back to and generate the positive impact upon the communities in which it works and lives. So Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) becomes parts of the company’s activities. MADP sees business success and the needs of citizens are closely linked to drive and achieve forward progress.


  • Hitachi Battery Dealer
  • MADP Distributing Network Co., Ltd is the sole distributor of Hitachi Battery and distributes it across the country. It penetrates the market directly with fair-priced as well as through its member.......
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  • Automobile Center Project
  • Automobile Center Projects is one of the biggest projects that MADP is currently running.The main reason is to increase all the business concerning with the automobile such as automobile.......
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  • Construction Projects
  • MADP Engineer and Construction Co., Ltd completes the tenders of Government Construction projects throughout the country.It successfully finished the housing for employees.....
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  • MADP and Suzuki Distributor
  • MADP bought shares from AIG which is a sole dealer of Suzuki car for Mandalay branch.The brand new Suzuki vehicles are introduced the Mandalay market through AIG Motor Co., Ltd.....
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Our Mission

We make all our business possible

    - Pioneer Developer -

    To be the pioneer developer of international standard automobile center in Myanmar...

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    - One Stop Services -

    To provide the one stop-service for various automobile industries and to gain the greater market share in Automobile Industry....

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    - Job Opportunity -

    To provide job opportunities through capacity enhancement program for employees......

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    - Technology -

    To provide highly technologies and develop internationally skilled workforce....

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MADP engages in Corporate Social Responsibility programs such as Kahtein donation, monastery renovation, and purified water machine donation for primary schools at Hale Gu township. Awareness meetings are held with local people to discuss current projects, along with doing Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) surveys in the area before the projects are implemented.

Led by MADP and MAMDA, the Myanmar Motor Volunteer Foundation (MMVF) was formed on 1st August, 2015. The foundation aims to provide aid to disaster-stricken areas, with particular focus on development work.

On the 5th of August, 2015, the MADP and MMVF donated emergency foods and medicine worth 15 million kyats to suffering victims from five villages at Saytottayar Towhship in Magway region. We have also donated to two villages at Nyayng Tone townshiop at the Ayerwaddy region. We donated food, medicine, drinking water, and purified water tablets to suffering people and monks amounting to around 4 million kyats.

On the 20th of August, 2015, the foundation donated rice and cooking oil to 63 households at Oh Phoe Kyun village in Moe Nyo township worth approximately 400,000 kyats. All total donated resources thus far amounts to over 20 million kyats.

The foundation hopes to continue contributing to the betterment of society in the future, without expectations of financial gain nor public admiration.

President, Dr. Soe Htun’s Message

Thank you very much to our stakeholder for ongoing interest in MADP. It is such a great honor to be the president of MADP and I would like to express my sincere appreciation for your support and dedication. Thanks to all of you again, 2016 would be a very exciting year and full of challenges as we are broadening our business on building a modern international standard automobile center and providing a one-stop services which are our main business functions to create an easier life and time saving services to our community

Yours sincerely, Dr. Soe Tun